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FREE CHALLENGE: Vibrate to Higher Savings (with additional tips and resources)

Are you ready to save more?

After sitting and chatting with the owners of Copper Vibrations, we wanted to come up with a way to help our community save more money.  We developed the Vibrate to Higher Savings Challenge as a fun and interactive way to keep more money in your pocket.  A lot of people find it hard to save so why not make it fun and easy to do with an entire community by your side!  

Get The Savings Challenge PDF Here

Make Saving a Game

This challenge has proved successful in helping people save more money.  How?  By making saving fun and interactive!

Engage in Community

Need support? We got you!  We have a whole community that will be embarking on this challenge with you so you never have to feel alone!

Keep it Simple

The challenge is very easy to follow!  You just cross off a box and put that amount in your savings envelope (or savings account) daily or weekly.  The choice is yours!


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